Janak Patel  April 28, 2020 Internet of Things

IoT In Healthcare Leads To Better Care & Lower Cost

The IoT marks the progressive change of Healthcare technology that is enabling a new wave of game-changing and life....

Sourav Chhabra  July 22, 2020 Data Analytics

Use of Big Data in Cyber Security

Small businesses have been an unlikely target to a sophisticated cyber-attack for many years. A relatively unknown brand and

Sourav Chhabra  July 23, 2020 Data Analytics

What Are Logistics Analytics?

Logistics analytics is a term used to describe organizations' analytical procedures to analyse and coordinate the logistical

Sourav Chhabra  July 25, 2020 Data Analytics

The Importance of Data Analysis in the Development of Autonomous Vehicles

You may know that automakers are already running tests on autonomous vehicles, with this new technology practically .....

Sourav Chhabra  July 27, 2020 Digital Marketing

Boost Your Digital Marketing with Business Intelligence

The approach of businesses is changing, particularly how and why we execute transactions. Decision times are progressively...

Sourav Chhabra  July 1, 2020 Digital Marketing

How Business Intelligence can boost your Digital Marketing?

Social networking and search engine optimization in the digital era are the cornerstones of business marketing strategies.

Sourav Chhabra  July 6, 2020 Data Analytics

Artificial Business Intelligence is The Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been top of mind for many of us in business intelligence for quite some time. It's featured

Sourav Chhabra  July 10, 2020 Data Analytics

Data analytics in Media and Entertainment

To make their investment decisions the media and film industry had to read the tea leaves (TV ratings, blockbuster charts..

Sourav Chhabra  July 20, 2020 Data Analytics

Role of Analytics in Health care

Big data, according to Gartner, is "data that contains more variety arriving in increasing volumes and at ever higher speeds.

Janak Patel  March 11, 2020 Data Analytics

What is Data Science?

The world is increasingly becoming a digital space. Organizations deal with zettabytes and yottabytes of structured and un...