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Machine Learning & Business Intelligence Reporting

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Machine Learning

One of our best expertise lies in mining and processing the data in order to solve problem. Machine Learning is one of the techniques, we are best at.We offer services in:
1) Supervised Learning: that further classify in Classification and regression method. Support Vector Machine (SVM), Boosted and Bagged decision trees, Naïve Bayes, Logistic Regression and Neural Network are some methods used In Classification technique. Linear, Non-Linear, Step-Wise and Neural Network are some of the Regression Methods.
2) Unsupervised Learning: K means, Hierarchical Clustering technique are some of the examples of the clustering technique.
3) Reinforcement Learning uses algorithm to makes decision sequentially. It uses previous decision to make further decision.

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Business intelligence & Dashboard Reporting

“Getting insights from the data and integrating it into the decision-making process is what smart companies do.
The facts are:
- 92% of marketing data within organizations are dark (unused).
- Most of the decisions taken within boardrooms are not strongly backed by data analytics, prediction and real time updates
- Tracking real time performance and acting proactively is proven application for business world.
Our executives have years of experience in business consulting as well in data analytics field. Use their expertise to track your business metrics and performance. Build beautiful, interactive reporting dashboard and use your idle data for company’s growth and development.

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Market research & Statistical analysis

Are you conducting a market research and frustrated with jargons of statistics?
We at Null Innovation comprises of team of experts who understand the statistical correctness and marketing acumen. Primary and Secondary data sets, correlation, regression, sampling, cluster analysis, conjoint analysis, hypothesis testing is some of our strong areas. Along with market research, our experts are good at building a model to calculate customer lifetime value (CLV), retention rate, churn rate and other marketing metrics .

Client Testimonial

  • "As a growing in-house marketing team, we’ve increased our digital marketing production and output by 50%. Null Analytics has really been able to bring the results from every digital platform together with clean and easy-to-read analytical reports. We’ve completed restructured our company’s digital strategy to focus our efforts and resources on the greatest performing marketing channels. Most notably, with Null Analytics’ reporting, we’ve increased our social media-to-blog click thru rate by 36%.” Alicia Chavez- Associate Digital Marketing Manager, Duralink

  • "We required Null’s consulting services to conduct a multi-level marketing analysis of our consumer's online behaviours and purchasing patterns across all their online digital touchpoints and e-commerce platforms. Null’s report provided surprising consumer insights we weren’t privy to. Null recommended onsite content, touchpoint, and e-commerce site changes that have increased onsite consumer engagement by 30% and online conversions by 15% thus far." Gaurav, Director, Eastern Info

  • "Null Analytics looked into the data which we looked earlier where we lost the pace to relevancy. When null analytics got access to the data from various platforms, they improved our KPI analysis and today we have less churn in existing customers and a list of things to do to improve our advertising. In short words, They improved our visibility to the right audience which eventually gave us more quality leads and improved the number of recurring customers in our business." Jordan Harrison, Baden Inc.

  • "Null analyzed our company’s digital and content data platforms and built a market intelligence infrastructure that now provides our marketing team with key campaign performance results and content insights. They also defined the KPI, ad targeting which was effective and used by the marketing team to attract more inbound qualified prospects for the sales team. In the end, we found the bottleneck and were able to improve the sales with a good improvement in 12 weeks." Tina Voss, Senior Global Marketing Communications Manager, Memjet

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