What We Do

What We Do

We mainly work on two domains Internet of Things and Data Science.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of electric devices on the Internet so that it can be controlled by a mobile phone or computer device. You must have come across words like the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Internet of Everything (IoE), Web-of-Things (WoT), etc these all, words mean the same. This technology is used to connect smart devices.

This generation is witnessing something which is called Smart Cities, Smart Home, Smart Office everything which is smart is only possible because of IoT technology.

Nowadays most of the electric appliances like smartwatches, air conditioners, televisions and lot more which are around us are also using IoT technology.

The full stack of making an IoT productconsists of Hardware, Software, Communication, Cloud Storage, Cloud Application. Our product FrameGen makes it very easy to make an IoT product as you need not have the knowledge of all the five stacks. With Framegen, you can make a blueprint of your IoT product with very little or zero knowledge of all the five stacks.

Data Science

This domain is all about managing the data in such a way that it is useful to you. We at Null Innovation have our best person working for your data needs. With the use of Machine Learning and Data Mining (Data Analytics), we can help you in extracting business intelligence from the data.

Our approach is to solve a business problem. The approach is how can we solve the problem using any ofthe concepts, and techniques that fall under data science. The Best use cases are:


The latest report suggests that in the digital marketing field, 92% of the data sit idle as Dark Data (unused data). These data could be marketing campaigns data, survey data, social media data, industry report, transaction data, website user data, or product usage data. Marketers can use this data to target the right audience and serve them the right content. Measuring Marketing KPIs, Content Performance, Customer Behavior is very crucial in order to succeed in this highly customized digital era. The Dark Data can be extracted, cleaned and analyzed for insights. Dolphyn is our SaaS product designed for Digital Marketers that can handle data and manage a brand. It runs on a powerful AI(Artificial Intelligence) machine that collects data from different digital platforms, analyses it, identifies patterns, and recommends decision-ready inputs.

We are good at handling databases such as
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, DyanamoDB, S3 Google cloud. We use Python and R
as the main languages.

Our services help you in:

1.Data Cleaning and Profiling of Data
3.Data Merging
4.Financial Data Analysis
5.Data Scraping
6.Data Extraction


The healthcare industry is in dire need to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The big data is the only tool available at this time that can transform the health industry without much disturbance. The data generated by hospitals, Insurance companies, research institutes, and government can aid in decision making for any healthcare professionals ranging from disease detection to increase in patient satisfaction. Null Innovation does help in sourcing, cleaning, and profiling of Medicare, Medicaid Insurance data. Using data analytics techniques, healthcare institutes can improve their patient enrolment rate, perform spend analysis and build a better decision support system among doctors, nurses and administrative staff.


There are vast amounts of continuously changing financial data which creates a necessity for engaging machine learning and AI tools into different aspects of the business. We can help Financial Institutions in Profit and Loss Analysis, Risk Analysis and Financial Analysis in order to enhance revenue, increase profits, decrease loss, and reduce cost. You can also explore and analyse big data in order to mitigate risk.